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Associate of Fine Arts

Screenwriters play a critical role in the creation of every film and television show. Screenwriting is a learned craft, and a writer must write every day to train for the demands of this field, and to truly understand the elements that make a screenplay or teleplay functional, as well as engaging.

The AFA Program in Screenwriting allows students to focus exclusively on their artistic and professional development. Unlike a standard undergraduate program this allows the student to focus on the core of the art they wish to pursue immediately and without the usual array of distribution requirements. In addition to learning the conventions of the writing craft, AFA students are given the support and structure to write and meet deadlines. Students write intensively throughout the course and complete several feature length screenplay and television scripts with the assistance of constructive critique from instructors, as well as peers. While writing is the core of the program, students explore related areas of filmmaking that help to improve their screenplays and put them into a real-world context. Thus, in addition to writing classes, students study film craft, acting, pitching, and cinema studies, as they apply to screenwriting. In each semester, a Business of Screenwriting course prepares students to enter the industry covering subjects from copyright registration to financing, the WGA, and pitching.

Los Angeles
September 2017 - January 2019
January 2018 - May 2019
September 2018 - January 2020
Tuition: $14,476 (USD) Per semester

Number of Semesters: 4