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Bachelor of Fine Arts

The role of the producer is often misunderstood but always integral to the successful execution of a film or television series. What does a producer do? What are the differences between creative producing and production management? In the New York Film Academy Bachelor of Fine Arts in Producing program, students delve into these questions and gain an immediate understanding of these differences. Through extensive coursework, study and practicums, students will develop the knowledge and skills of effective collaboration and producing.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Producing is a three-year, eight-semester program intended to instruct and prepare future film, television and other visual media producers for the fields of creative producing and production management. Areas of creative producing the students will be introduced to and will master are story and script development, creative collaboration methods, the ever-evolving ways to secure financing and the various and ever-changing distribution options available to producers. Production management functions that will be introduced and practiced are physical production management and line producing.

Los Angeles
September 2017 - May 2020
January 2018 - September 2020
September 2018 - May 2021
Tuition: $13,752* (USD) Per Semester
Equipment Fee: $724 Per Semester

Number of Semesters: 8