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Moscow, Russia

Founded in the golden days of yore on seven hills, Moscow has turned into what may be called Russian New York. Just like its American twin it never sleeps indeed. Still imperial and spacious, the Moscow of the new millennium has changed its face since the USSR breakup in the early 1990s and turned into a glamorous, eventful cosmopolitan city – multinational, multicultural and sparkling with neon lights and ambitions of some 10 million people inhabiting it.

Its architecture is paradoxical and diverse. One neighborhood can host ghost-like ancient side streets with nothing and no one but stray cats patrolling the sidewalks, as well as over-the-top ever-awake fashion avenues. Historical temples and chapels are facing business centers and malls, XIX century mansions are now located right next to sky-scraping towers.

Moscow landmarks are breath-taking and globally recognized. One cannot think of this town and not imagine the Red Square, the Kremlin, the tall and enormous building of Moscow State University, the Bolshoi, Vorobyov Hills, St Basil's Cathedral, Tretyakoff Gallery, Ostankino TV Tower, Russian Expo Park, Novodevichi Convent – that is to name a few of the plenty of sensational film sets. Luxurious estate of Russian aristocrats often host film and TV show crews – those are dream locations for those shooting costume dramas and period shows of sorts.