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Paris, France

Paris is an incredibly exciting place to live in and make films. It is the birthplace of the movies, and the city that still loves them the most. A century after the first experiments with motion pictures took place there, and almost 50 years since the French New Wave changed the way we look at movies, our students continue the tradition of capturing this city and the stories it generates on film. We have found that New York Film Academy students thrive in Paris, and for many it becomes a second home. The Academy will conduct its Four and Six-Week Filmmaking, Digital Filmmaking and Acting Workshops at the French National Film School of France (La Fémis), one of world’s most elite film institutes.

In our filmmaking workshops, each student writes, directs, shoots and his or her own short 16mm films and edits them digitally. By looking at the communities of Paris in dramatic and visual terms, students come to their own understanding of the world’s most popular city.

La Fémis is located in the historic Pathé Studios in the 18th arrondisement (district). It provides us with spacious classrooms, meeting spaces, shooting space, state of the art screening rooms, and most important, a student lounge with an excellent café au lait machine. La Fémis is in Montmartre, which has always been the neighborhood of choice for young artists and actors. It is within walking distance of Sacre Coeur, the glorious cathedral with a hilltop view of all of Paris. Superior fruit markets, bakeries, and brasseries and restaurants abound in the neighborhood. Students may choose to live at the Citadines Paris Montmartre which offers comfortable furnished apartments with kitchens, cable, internet, and maid service. The other great neighborhoods, museums, and sites of Paris are easily accessible from Montmartre.