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Seoul, Korea

Seoul is the largest and most important city in Korea. It is the world’s 11th largest economy and is home to 11 million residents. The city is dynamic and ever changing and mixes a modern urbanity with a rich history. The culture of this Asian city is complex mixture of energy, Confucian rules and democratic values.

While one can find every modern convenience in Seoul, the mighty fortress wall and gates still stand, as do old palaces, tombs and royal shrines. Arts abound in Seoul with traditional cultural performances, folk museums and folk villages. Seoul hosts numerous small festivals, and at any time of the year, there are cultural events taking place.

One can dine in multitude of restaurants that offer traditional Korean cuisine and ambience with seating on floor cushions and table-top barbecues. Or one can feast at Western-style restaurant, as well as other ethnic eateries including Japanese and Chinese.