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Federal Financial Aid

We have a variety of options for funding your studies. Our Financial Aid Director, Lisa Wayne will assist you in assessing your needs and refer you to the best funding source. You can reach him at

New York Film Academy Need Based Tuition Discount
The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is pleased to offer Need Based Tuition Discount to all qualifying students. The NYFA Need Based Tuition Discount is a needs based program designed to help reduce the student's cost of education in the New York Film Academy's one-year, two-year, AFA, BFA and MFA programs. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate the need for tuition discount through documentation (i.e. parents’ income tax statement, if dependent; personal income tax, if independent). Each individual application is reviewed by the tuition discount administrator using defined criteria that evaluates the available resources for the student’s cost of attendance at NYFA. Applicants are required to provide an essay detailing their need for tuition discount. All applications are reviewed prior to the student’s initial semester in their program of study. In the event a student receives federal student aid, all tuition discount amounts are added to the recipient’s financial aid package and included in the need determination for federal student aid programs. Tuition discount is provided to students for the duration of their program provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Student Loans
Many of our students use a Private Education Loan to cover both tuition and living expenses. -You must be 18 or older and have established good credit OR have a co-signer.

* If you have credit problems then you will need a co-signer; if you have good credit a co-signer will help you get a better interest rate.

Grants and Scholarships
NYFA will help process any grants or scholarships a student might find. It's not easy to find sources to fund arts education and you should expect to spend a lot of time searching ( reports that only 7% of U.S. students have a grant or scholarship, and that these typically total $2000 or less). Many students start the search here: There are also some helpful books out there: Kaplan Scholarships, Peterson's Scholarships, Grants and Prizes and The Scholarship Book. These are available at most libraries and bookstores.